Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

  wish everyone out there a very  
Happy Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miniature Fake Sweets Tutorials Episode 1, Tarts.


It's SugarCherries's 1st fake sweets tutorial! How's that?!
I've always been wanting to do one!
Anyways, this is how it goes.. I wouldn't be really explaining for every single photo but I'd be pointing out tip's that more complicated or not really shown in the pictures itself. :D

So let's cut those crap out and get going!

 This is Fuwa Fuwa clay mixed with Daiso's clay ratio's about 2 : 1 ±
Using Yellow Ocher, Poster colour.

Roll it into a ball and use any tools you could find eg. back of a pen. I basically just used my fingers, its not hard to achieve what it looks like below.

And you should have something like this :D

 Make sure you rotate it 45° and 75°

You could use similar tools like needles or toothpicks to achieve this :)

 And there it is! 
People keep asking me how I make those 'crackly' lines/texture. My answer is, play with those clays! Understand their textures! I should really do a Daiso's clay review soon ya!!??

 Brown them!

Ok, so.. The one on the left is just pure Daiso clay. And the right is the same above :)
See, just how much you could play with!

 So here are some of the ideas I have for tarts bases!

I'd definitely prefer using just pure Daiso's clay for tart base cause it's much easier, all i have to do is just pressing it down and VIOLA! Plus I really like those massive cracks! :)
Of course, that's just my opinion and it really depends what you're really going for :D

And that's a wrap everybody!!
Hope you guys enjoyed and learned something!! ♥♥♥♥

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fake Sweets Diary - My creations


I'm back! :)
Not that I've gone to anywhere thou...

Anyways, I'll be sharing a few of mine past finished miniature / fake sweets creation in this post! Just because I haven't really do/done any for the time being :( I'm so sorry.

But! Other stuffs like sewing and flower arranging will definitely come real soon :) Do look forward on some of my really cute creations!! Cause I'm EXCITED already :D

Here it is! ↓

 Chocolate mania!

 Cute fruity Meringue Tarts :)


 Oh god, mega cuteness Croissants!

 Sweet Macaroons up for grab!

 Choco Teddy biscuits!

That's all i have for now :D
Take care!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Miniature Fake sweets: Let's Cake Party!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lets Cake Party! I'd love to share some of my creations to everyone!

Traditional Black Forest Cake
We have, our very own CHERRIES canned pitted sour cherries & preserved cherries, and of course top quality SUGAR chocolate flakes :)

 Ordinary Strawberry Shortcake
Using also the best and freshest strawberries available. Of course

Pleasantly Nice Cake
With best blueberries, strawberries and red currents. Yes.

With what very unpleasant flaws of cream there I sincerely apologies. My bad.


And now we've come till the very end of this post.
I hope you guys enjoyed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review - Wood Formo. self-proclaimed, poop clay.

Hi guys!

As promised, Wood Formo clay review is up!

 Ok, as for that title on the self-proclaimed thing is abit... Cute! Hahahaha, ok... you guys will understand.. Just keep scrolling down and watch :D

Chunks of fresh Wood Formo.
Texture wise, its pretty hard to handle cause it sort of cracks or crumble into pieces easily. So that makes it not a really good clay to work on its own. Unless you mix it with another type of clay.
It does have a weird smell like... preserved plums? 

 A more detail picture of Wood Formo.
It has those like, tiny hairy fiber. Interesting.

 So here's a comparison.
  • When unmixed, with other clay, its really hard to get them together. It crumbles easily..
  • When mix, its very good to work with. Of course, that depends very much on the type of clay you mix with, you definitely want to mix it with something soft like Fuwa Fuwa or Hearty clay.
    - It can be molded into any shape you want. But it doesn't holds detail very well.
    - Ratio also depends very much on what texture you want it to be. Add more if you want something more manageable then it will also go lighter in terms of colour. Effect would be opposite if you add lesser, of course. 

 It dries to about 2 ~ 3 shades lighter
So you do wanna add some colour if you want it dark & knead really well.
When cured, its very very hard when pressed, but it's also so stiff that it cracks very easily... Just like biscuit..

LOL! This is what i'm talking about! HAHAHAHA!
This isn't really the best poop I've made tho.. But it really does look like my dog's poop.
I did a prank on my brother and he was so pissed! HAHAHA! And says I'm sucha lamer...
Seriously.. Who cares!! HAHAHAHAHA!

 Ahem.. Back to work.
Some of the ways is definitely biscuit bases for my cheese cakes!

This 1st batch of cheese cake doesn't go so well cause the base was definitely too thick for my liking :( Ohhh well...

And that is all for this post! 
Hmmm.. next post would be..?? Some of my finished pieces!!
So stay very tuned!

Friday, September 2, 2011

SC. Fake Sweets Diary - Finished Bulletin Board


Long awaited aye?? :DDD

My finished Bulletin Board!!!!!

Hope you guys loved it like i do! :D

Ta da da da.... :) My Decorated Bulletin Board!
How was it?
I love love loved it :D

Love the Ribbon! It was perfect! ♥

Ginormous flower, it was my initial idea to place it there all along!
Its gorgeous ♥♥

Self-made pen/pencil holder :D
Gonna ♥ that stretch of flowers!


Hope you guys enjoy!

Till next time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Heya peepos!

It has been awhile since the last post! I've been working on lots of fruits lately, and they are really tedious to do... Also some of my about-to-finish products! Can't wait to finish'em all but I'm so slow on my work! hehhhh :D

Without further ado I shall let the pictures & of course a lil' of me to do the talking!

Work in Progress! *from left: Blueberry, Black raspberry (doesn't look like one aye?) & preserved cherries!

In the mist of doing red raspberry!

Preserved cherries when cured! I used sukerukun clay btw :DD

Black raspberry! Drying in progress~

Red raspberry!

Finished! Blueberry!

Strawberry! Sooo Adorable! *sinks down

Black Raspberry :D Nice and glossy~

Red Raspberry!

Whipping cream!
I actually mixed until the stick breaks! Can imagine how hard is it to mix all those clay into the right consistency, you'll need lots of strength and patience! *out-of-breath

Pastel sugar coated candy!

Sugar coated candy!
This version is much much nicer! CUTE! *floats away

Undecorated half sliced Strawberry shortcake!

Undecorated sliced Strawberry shortcake!

My revamped Bulletin Board!
Awesome or what! Its so cute i tell you. And I'm not done yet!

Yes, I've added this... i don't know called what but its for putting my erasers and stuffs :D

Glued and nail them in. I get rough sometimes..
And i always double secure things! :D

That is all I have for this post!! I've got alot alot more done! But haven't uploaded them into my comp yet :D

Until next time!