Friday, November 16, 2012

Where Am I!!!

Hi guys!

So..... Christmas Is Coming!!! And I am sooooo excited! Though I haven't got anything planned for Christmas yet... But, its one of my favourite holidays of the year :)) Can't wait!

I also did a mini purchase few weeks back and I am absolutely in loooove! Those Miniature bowls and trays definitely inspires me to do those doll house miniature stuffs! So adorable!

Also been draining my brain for the Christmas themed design!! Haven't really decide what specific theme I wanted it to be... Soooo... Till then!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update + New project!


I'm terribly sorry for not being so active in my blog, because there's tons of crazy stuffs going on recently... My work with terrible timings, just reformatted my laptop and there's tons of things need to be back in place thousands of photos making me faint! All the chores and my 2 cute but troublemaking dogs. :) But no worries, every thing will be back to as per normal in no time! I promise!!

So with that all set aside, so, here's the "New Project" I'm all excited about! 
Just some sneak preview! But I'll post pictures along the way to keep you all on the track with me :)

I'm pretty sure you know what's my 'New Project' is all about now! :D
I'm really excited! As you can tell I just got started, but, I do have a rough idea on how it is going to be. Haven't really decided yet though! Let me know what you all think!!! I'd love to hear some feedbacks and ideas from ya' all!

AND! Please do follow me on Instagram , Twitter & my other blog Sparkling Citrus it's more about my make-up, fashion and food lifestyle kinda thing!

And with that, I shall end here :)

Thank you all!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


This post shall all be flowers, flowers & flowers! Nothing more, just flowers.
I do have quite a bit to share since this year, I went to the Singapore Garden Festival 2012. And yes, this was my 1st! I was quite excited though I was in quite a rush since I'm meeting my aunt and her friends to dinner and I was already late.. Regardless, I still enjoyed myself to the fullest :) Oh! And there were booths around that sells flowers or related stuffs like that, I did bought some things and was really excited! I will share with you all at the end of the post!! I didn't really take photos of the booth, since there is tons of people crowding around plus, I was in quite a bit of rush too.

Note: Picture heavy


 Guard toads/frogs(I can't really differentiate them...), Indoor trees! Really, really stunning and gorgeous flower settings and arrangements! Bonsais! They were so beautiful! Really pretty and happy to watch. I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the next Singapore Garden Festival :)

So, here is my purchases during that day,
Of which I bought 3 mini orchids! They are sooooo adorable!!

 Orchid 1.

 Orchid 2.

 Orchid 3.

 Orchid 3. My favorite!!

 And also a indoor plant!

 Tiny one of course! to fit in my table :)  Really love the rounded leaves and red veins! So pretty!

 Oh! And if you're wondering how tiny the orchids are here's a rough guide :)
Also if you can tell it's actually 12 midnight, since the light source mainly come from my ceiling light and it was still really really dark and I have to use another 2 extra lights to achieve the above photo without using flash :(

 Last purchase for the day! Really, really, really cute dried flowers which I got a bunch of them but in only 3 colours :)

 Aren't they pretty!

Bunch of flowers my mum got home from the flower shop! They're so pretty! Couldn't resist and snap a few pictures and I thought I would share with all of you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Love, love, love!