Monday, July 16, 2012

Miniature Fake Sweets Turorials Episode 2, Croissant.


Ok, before I start..
Just so you will know that I am very likely will be or will not be posting something different other then just crafts related stuffs, for example, make-ups or fashion related stuffs? etc etc.. Maybe even a review? I'm still not so very sure because I pretty much am quite sure that it will be all jumbled up and messy? But on the other hand, I don't have to keep track of 2 blogs and it would also be a whole lot easier for me and for those of you who are interested. But, it might not be so appropriate... I think? I don't know..... Oh dear..

Anyways, lets just get started with the tutorial!
Do note that I wouldn't be doing much of a 'explaining' since the pictures are doing pretty well in their job. But! Regardless if you have any questions just post a comment or mail me :D

 Step 1: Take anything you have and roll out a long oval shape. It would be much easier if you start of with a oval ball of clay. And in this tutorial i'm just using Fuwa Fuwa clay with a bit of yellow ocher water colour. Thickness, about 1 to 2mm? Depending....

Step 2: Use a long metal ruler or anything to cut them into a long rectangle and mine is measuring from 5.5cm to 2.5cm ±. And do a marking at the middle, bottom.

Step 3: Cut them into long triangle, as you can see I've used the marking as a guideline and my top still measures 2.5 cm.

 step 4: So starting from the widest part, roll them.

 Step 5: It might take a few practices to be perfect but its ok!  :)

 Step 6: Here I am using some sort of a double ended clay tool, but you could use anything, like your metal ruler etc.. and gently create some lines without crashing your yet to finish croissant :)

 Step 7: as you can tell how I did it :) Because I have no idea how to really explain this step in detail... Be gentle.

 Step 8: Is not really a step but, this should be how it should look like. Almost done!

Step 9: Very last step, for me, I'm using my sponge, a cheap foundation sponge of course, and with abit of yellow ocher & water (few drops) mixed, dip sponge and 'brown' them, like picture above :)
Tip: Once you dip the sponge before browning them try it on a piece of paper first, to see if consistency is not too watery/thin (will dampen your clay) or sticky/thick ( too dark of a colour and very hard to lighten) better to build the colour slowly and evenly. 

Easy to do croissant! So cute I tell you :D

 You could definitely spice things up a little bit, chocolate/strawberry chocolate dips or toppings is really cute too!

This tutorial have been taken for I don't know how many 182379 years back, and I have no idea why I haven't post it up for you all.... ( cause I thought I did.... ) hahahahaha :)

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed and learned something!!

Definitely more tutorials coming up for sure!!

Till then!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

iFeedback Bloggers’ Challenge

Something different. Dedicating this post to Nestlé.
And also a huge part is because of the iFeedback Bloggers’ Challenge!

Because you stand a chance to win a Pair of tickets to any European destination that Finnair flies to!!
How awesome is that?? My choice is of course either Paris or Amsterdam! Amsterdam, recently just caught my eye, definitely a great place to escape those stress and fast pacing environment. Paris, in my list of 'dream countries to visit' at least once in my entire life.

Enough dreaming and let's start!


I remember when I was young I used to drink NESPRAY every single day. Because i was soooo skinny and that everybody tells me to drink milk everyday... It's this brand cause amongst all I only find the taste of this milk was acceptable and therefore to drink everyday. Yes, different brands of milk tastes differently!! Because when I was in Pri school I was being forced to drink milk before my recess(because I was serverly under weight.. duhh...) and I almost puked cause the milk tastes terrible... Terrible enough for me to puke. cannot remember what brand as that cause I only had it once.. So NESPRAY! Lovesss :) I didn't grew any fatter thou.... I told you it was in my genes. I love milk btw.

The ever so popular, MILO!!
Mummy always buy me a cup of MILO for me to drink whenever I had my blood tests or check ups, cause she say it gives me energy & so that i don't feel so giddy :))) & *heart*
I don't really drink MILO in the morning thou, cause I'd have a slight tummy ache by noon... But the rest of the day drinking MILO is not a problem! Guess it's the empty stomach or??

 I always thought you can only make MILO in hot water, didn't know it dissolves really well in normal temp. water too!!! This is a few rounds of stirrings..

 And another few more rounds.... So much better! Soo many years of MILO and i only realized it now..


Only started drinking Coffee somewhere around this year.. But my mum, dad & grandpa drinks this every single day in the morning without fail.

NESCAFE, you have no idea how many bottles they've emptied you.


And now, My favorite!


Midnight snacks!
Just love the taste of Honey Stars!

My brothers favorite! And mine too, but Honey Stars still No. 1 :)
But i still love KOKO KRUNCH! Hahahaha!!


Then.. I found Rocket! Honey Rocket! I didn't realise until I saw the packaging and was like.... Sooooo cute!! The real one is cuter then the one shown in packaging :D

Vrooooom!! Honey Rocket shoots out Honey Stars and more Honey Rockets!

Then it arrives to the Milky Way!

And is ready to serve :)
Honey Stars and Koko Krunch my favorite combo!

Ok, this part was intended to be at the top but.... It was rather dissapointing....

Nothing seems wrong....

*I can't take a screenshot while its on scanning mode.*

After Scanning for like 100003836541 times, this is always the result.
FYI, phone used, Samsung galaxy note.

And this is the product I've been scanning on...
I've also tried on all Nestle products I found at home but non works....

Anyways,I would like the above product and write a text review:

"Though i really love Honey Stars but I a princessy/floral look cereals, like white and pink marshmallow with crowns, tiaras etc... cereals. Would be SO AWESOME!  Because all the cereals so far are so boyish... Thank you!!!"

I will update this post again when they got the bug fixed!

Nestle website 

For more info click!

P/s: Bug is fixed on the latest update :)