Monday, July 16, 2012

Miniature Fake Sweets Turorials Episode 2, Croissant.


Ok, before I start..
Just so you will know that I am very likely will be or will not be posting something different other then just crafts related stuffs, for example, make-ups or fashion related stuffs? etc etc.. Maybe even a review? I'm still not so very sure because I pretty much am quite sure that it will be all jumbled up and messy? But on the other hand, I don't have to keep track of 2 blogs and it would also be a whole lot easier for me and for those of you who are interested. But, it might not be so appropriate... I think? I don't know..... Oh dear..

Anyways, lets just get started with the tutorial!
Do note that I wouldn't be doing much of a 'explaining' since the pictures are doing pretty well in their job. But! Regardless if you have any questions just post a comment or mail me :D

 Step 1: Take anything you have and roll out a long oval shape. It would be much easier if you start of with a oval ball of clay. And in this tutorial i'm just using Fuwa Fuwa clay with a bit of yellow ocher water colour. Thickness, about 1 to 2mm? Depending....

Step 2: Use a long metal ruler or anything to cut them into a long rectangle and mine is measuring from 5.5cm to 2.5cm ±. And do a marking at the middle, bottom.

Step 3: Cut them into long triangle, as you can see I've used the marking as a guideline and my top still measures 2.5 cm.

 step 4: So starting from the widest part, roll them.

 Step 5: It might take a few practices to be perfect but its ok!  :)

 Step 6: Here I am using some sort of a double ended clay tool, but you could use anything, like your metal ruler etc.. and gently create some lines without crashing your yet to finish croissant :)

 Step 7: as you can tell how I did it :) Because I have no idea how to really explain this step in detail... Be gentle.

 Step 8: Is not really a step but, this should be how it should look like. Almost done!

Step 9: Very last step, for me, I'm using my sponge, a cheap foundation sponge of course, and with abit of yellow ocher & water (few drops) mixed, dip sponge and 'brown' them, like picture above :)
Tip: Once you dip the sponge before browning them try it on a piece of paper first, to see if consistency is not too watery/thin (will dampen your clay) or sticky/thick ( too dark of a colour and very hard to lighten) better to build the colour slowly and evenly. 

Easy to do croissant! So cute I tell you :D

 You could definitely spice things up a little bit, chocolate/strawberry chocolate dips or toppings is really cute too!

This tutorial have been taken for I don't know how many 182379 years back, and I have no idea why I haven't post it up for you all.... ( cause I thought I did.... ) hahahahaha :)

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed and learned something!!

Definitely more tutorials coming up for sure!!

Till then!


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