Sunday, August 5, 2012


This post shall all be flowers, flowers & flowers! Nothing more, just flowers.
I do have quite a bit to share since this year, I went to the Singapore Garden Festival 2012. And yes, this was my 1st! I was quite excited though I was in quite a rush since I'm meeting my aunt and her friends to dinner and I was already late.. Regardless, I still enjoyed myself to the fullest :) Oh! And there were booths around that sells flowers or related stuffs like that, I did bought some things and was really excited! I will share with you all at the end of the post!! I didn't really take photos of the booth, since there is tons of people crowding around plus, I was in quite a bit of rush too.

Note: Picture heavy


 Guard toads/frogs(I can't really differentiate them...), Indoor trees! Really, really stunning and gorgeous flower settings and arrangements! Bonsais! They were so beautiful! Really pretty and happy to watch. I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the next Singapore Garden Festival :)

So, here is my purchases during that day,
Of which I bought 3 mini orchids! They are sooooo adorable!!

 Orchid 1.

 Orchid 2.

 Orchid 3.

 Orchid 3. My favorite!!

 And also a indoor plant!

 Tiny one of course! to fit in my table :)  Really love the rounded leaves and red veins! So pretty!

 Oh! And if you're wondering how tiny the orchids are here's a rough guide :)
Also if you can tell it's actually 12 midnight, since the light source mainly come from my ceiling light and it was still really really dark and I have to use another 2 extra lights to achieve the above photo without using flash :(

 Last purchase for the day! Really, really, really cute dried flowers which I got a bunch of them but in only 3 colours :)

 Aren't they pretty!

Bunch of flowers my mum got home from the flower shop! They're so pretty! Couldn't resist and snap a few pictures and I thought I would share with all of you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Love, love, love!