Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update & New Favourites: Filofax

Haven't been touching my clay for a long long time :( But no worries! I will be soon, since I promised to make a deco-ed photo frame for my housekeeper when she's going back to her hometown :D

Above both are done very very long ago! It was a Christmas present for my cousins.
They're both raspberry cheese cake, with crystals of course! HAHA :D

 And do let me introduce to you my newest obsession!! FILOFAX! Tho I've started keeping a diary since last year, it was those really really cute Korean diary/planner that gave me the craving of keeping one, it was too cute for me to resist not to get one! So, after the year is ending, I was searching for one desperately, like I wanted one really simple and with those snap closure, then I found Filofax! Super excited, cause its exactly the way i wanted it to be. Ok, and you have no idea how long i took to decide which I wanted.. I ain't gonna say it! *it only proves how indecisive I am. :) Finally! Chose Filofax Malden, super excited! Absolutely love love love everything about Malden :)

Wasted no time making it my very own!

A few pages of my diary, I'd always try to add something fun and cute so it doesn't look so plain and boring.
I do apologize for the blurry pictures, but i did that on purpose thoo.

And yeah! I bought a few stock ups for Malden, especially love the zipped pouch!

Oh! And if you guys don't really know yet, I super love stationary! And not really a gadget person :D I guess that is also why I'm drawn to Filofax? Like most stationary lovers would right? Haha!
OK, that's all the photos I have taken for now, there's definitely a part 2 for this! So stay tuned ok!

 Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi Guys!

First of, I want to sincerely apologize for my very dead blog! I know busy is not an excuse but, i really am.
OK, so... After looong looong consideration, I've decided.

I should post something different today! Rather than just clay, clay and more clays :D

It's something really long ago.. Way back at January (yes, this year), we've finally as in Officially graduated from our Diploma course. So,

Yes.. I love taking photos of flowers, especially close shots (macro) those detail in the flowers is just too fascinating :) But my cam ain't good enough.. I mean, it wasn't bad. Just.... I want a better one :( I still love my old one tho, cause it is been with me for like 4-5 years? More that that? And it's still really really good! Oh well...

Enough said! Lets end this with a awesome photo of my principal & me getting my cert'. :D