Sunday, July 24, 2011

I need MORE!!

Did a clay craft related purchase recently!! Some of you might be wondering why i actually specify 'clay craft related' cause some things just doesn't make so much sense. But anyways, i shall just continue...

Have purchased this awesome clays few weeks back from tinkleartncrafts Super friendly & fast service, items are packed nicely too :D
I've also purchased some keychain findings together but I didn't include them in the picture cause I've already kept them away and was lazy :)
So far I've only tried Wood Formo and Cosmos clay. I haven't got the chance/reason to open up the rest to use yet, mainly because my lock&lock container(is an air-tight container i use to keep all my clays from getting dried when its open) is packed with full of clay and there's no room for other clays to join in yet :(
Items starting from left:
1. Padico SEALER Matte
2. Mermaid Puffy in Chocolate
3. Mermaid Puffy in White
4. Wood Formo
5. Hearty Soft
6. Cosmos clay

Fuwa Fuwa Clay!
Is my ultimate favorite clay of all. Maybe it's because i used them alot, that's why?
I think this is my 6th and 7th packs of clay purchased. It's super soft, it doesn't leave sticky residue on your hands, no bad odor and all! The best light-weight/paper clay I've worked with so far.
I haven't put my hands on Hearty Soft yet just because the pack was kinda huge and i didn't really found any good place to store them yet, so I'm not opening it anytime from now :(
But will definitely so a review of Fuwa Fuwa clay soon! Just cause its so super damn awesome :D

Some random purchase of mini furniture! It was too cute for me to resist not to buy them!
Was debating with myself whether or not to paint them! OMG, I just can't make up my MIND! Talking about indecisiveness?! Shyyyt.

Cute animal note pads! Super cute! But really small at the same time.. It's like smaller than my palm :( But its CUTE!! HAHAHA yes, this is the thing i was mentioning above. And there's some thing related not directly to the clay craft but I bought this for a purpose to complete my design if that make sense.

Ok, and that was all what i wanted to say! Stay extremely tuned in for next post!

Friday, July 22, 2011

What have i been up to!!

Heello peeps!

Haven't been very productive and efficient lately, on both my blog and everything else :( I was being lazy, pure lazy. Is the only thing i can describe myself now, or maybe a 'pig'? since everyone was calling me that now! Oh my godddddddd.

But I'm still definitely not beyond hopeless!
Cause these are some of the stuff I'm currently working on: (Click on image for larger view)

A 'bulletin' board (thats what i called) i bought from Daiso.
It's for my tiny wall space. I thought it would be cute to pin-up all my Things-to-do and inspirations up :D

I have no idea whats this called but i remembered eating one of these.
They're unfinished yet but... It's not very successful anyways, so... Next please.

Sugar coated Candies!!! Super cute! Love'em! *melts away

'strawberries halves'
didn't do them nicely cause i thought it wasn't necessary since it would be 50-70% covered?
(excuse of being lazy)

Do they not looked like sponge? I think they do!
Cause they're sponge cakes! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, the above 2 items are already inside this awesome thing.
Guess what's that?!

What does this look like to you?

Pretty cream puffs!
Failure after failure, i've finally got them right!!

Ok! These are all I'm gonna show you guys for now. More coming up of course! Next post would most likely be all the finished stuffs I'm currently working on right now. There's alot more done that i haven't show you guys yet like the bulletin board and most of the picture shown above above!

There might be short post of my recent clay purchase and some of my 1st time working with the clay! OR past creations and progress that I haven't share with you guys yet!

See? I wasn't all that pig at all! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

P/s: I apologies for the tiny pictures, i didn't realize it would be 'that' small.