Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update + New project!


I'm terribly sorry for not being so active in my blog, because there's tons of crazy stuffs going on recently... My work with terrible timings, just reformatted my laptop and there's tons of things need to be back in place thousands of photos making me faint! All the chores and my 2 cute but troublemaking dogs. :) But no worries, every thing will be back to as per normal in no time! I promise!!

So with that all set aside, so, here's the "New Project" I'm all excited about! 
Just some sneak preview! But I'll post pictures along the way to keep you all on the track with me :)

I'm pretty sure you know what's my 'New Project' is all about now! :D
I'm really excited! As you can tell I just got started, but, I do have a rough idea on how it is going to be. Haven't really decided yet though! Let me know what you all think!!! I'd love to hear some feedbacks and ideas from ya' all!

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And with that, I shall end here :)

Thank you all!