Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trails and Errors...

Finally! Exam is over(for now)!!! Therefore, more free time, which equals to more craft and hobbies time!!!!! Excited!~~~ Should be moving all my kept clay and crafting stuffs out anytime soon this week or so. Till then, I'll keep you guys posted~! :D

 These are all my trials.. Only until I find it satisfactory I'll not mass produce :)

Slice Strawberries!
Have been trying to master them for a long long time and almost there!

FILOFAXXXX!! Created new tabs for Maldenee(name of my filofax)!!!
Still not very satisfied tho.. Hmmm... In the process of finding suitable designed craft papers for it. 
No idea whats the name for it but it's those that you use for scrap booking, square papers with designs on it, sold individually. 
You know?

Keychain for Maldenee too!!!!
Still in the process... Cause I'm not quite happy with the existing one I made, therefore I disassembled it.. :( It's so hard to get that right 'feel'..

  Thanks for reading!!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life Recently.

Just like Morrie! Sleeping all day long :D HAHAHA! Not even joking.... Lol!

Haven't been doing much clay works this few weeks just cause I'm preparing for my exams this THIS TUESDAY! :( Trying to keep myself away from those stuff till my exams are over! Till then, I MUST RESIST!! Phew...

 So here are some photos over the past few weeks/month...

Life have been busy!! I've got my work, exams, chores & 2 doggies to take care of!! But still managed to squeeeeezzeee some time out for myself :) I'm not very hardworking in nature... HAHAHAHA! So squeeeezing some time for me actually wasn't hard at all.. :D

Anyways, I've made some purchases last week! Can't wait to share them with you all!!

And please don't be shy, request something! Like say... More tutorials!! Clay clay clays! Or more food! Desserts! Fake Sweets! Miniature! Stationary! Filofaxies!! YAYYY!!! EVERYTHING! Hahahaha! Either drop me an email( ) Tweed me! Or just post a comment below! Love to hear what you all  want to see in my blog :)

Cherilyn ♥