Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trails and Errors...

Finally! Exam is over(for now)!!! Therefore, more free time, which equals to more craft and hobbies time!!!!! Excited!~~~ Should be moving all my kept clay and crafting stuffs out anytime soon this week or so. Till then, I'll keep you guys posted~! :D

 These are all my trials.. Only until I find it satisfactory I'll not mass produce :)

Slice Strawberries!
Have been trying to master them for a long long time and almost there!

FILOFAXXXX!! Created new tabs for Maldenee(name of my filofax)!!!
Still not very satisfied tho.. Hmmm... In the process of finding suitable designed craft papers for it. 
No idea whats the name for it but it's those that you use for scrap booking, square papers with designs on it, sold individually. 
You know?

Keychain for Maldenee too!!!!
Still in the process... Cause I'm not quite happy with the existing one I made, therefore I disassembled it.. :( It's so hard to get that right 'feel'..

  Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Awww.... How did u make those pastries? I want one! It looks so real and adorable.

    1. Hey Honey Chan! Yeap, i made them! :D HAHAHA! Thanks sooo much for visiting! Might consider a giveaway when there is more viewers, so do support ok! Loves!!

  2. Hey Cherilyn,

    What sort of sealant/glaze/varnish do you use? I would love to make things for my friends, but my varnish turns stick and ruins the clay charm ): Certainly can't use them myself, much less gifting them. What clay do you usually use, beside FuwaFuwa?

    Finally re-found your blog yesterday, it's really nice :p Most memorable post? Wood Formo poop and your bro xD

    1. Hi Rei!

      I've used Padico Sealer in matte for most of my fake sweets. But alternatively, Daiso's Varnish works really well too, except if you don't mind the gloss shine :)
      A few tips:
      -You do want to note that the clay charm must be fully cured/dried/hardened before you glaze on any varnish.
      -And I would really recommend you using Acrylic paints for browning/colouring your clay thus it wouldn't smear while applying varnish to your creation.

      I actually use quite afew types of clay depending on what I am going for... But generally it would be Fuwa Fuwa,Modena & Cosmos.

      Hope it helps!

      Awwww, thank you! Hahahaha! I love that poop clay too! Was really funny :)



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