Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update & New Favourites: Filofax

Haven't been touching my clay for a long long time :( But no worries! I will be soon, since I promised to make a deco-ed photo frame for my housekeeper when she's going back to her hometown :D

Above both are done very very long ago! It was a Christmas present for my cousins.
They're both raspberry cheese cake, with crystals of course! HAHA :D

 And do let me introduce to you my newest obsession!! FILOFAX! Tho I've started keeping a diary since last year, it was those really really cute Korean diary/planner that gave me the craving of keeping one, it was too cute for me to resist not to get one! So, after the year is ending, I was searching for one desperately, like I wanted one really simple and with those snap closure, then I found Filofax! Super excited, cause its exactly the way i wanted it to be. Ok, and you have no idea how long i took to decide which I wanted.. I ain't gonna say it! *it only proves how indecisive I am. :) Finally! Chose Filofax Malden, super excited! Absolutely love love love everything about Malden :)

Wasted no time making it my very own!

A few pages of my diary, I'd always try to add something fun and cute so it doesn't look so plain and boring.
I do apologize for the blurry pictures, but i did that on purpose thoo.

And yeah! I bought a few stock ups for Malden, especially love the zipped pouch!

Oh! And if you guys don't really know yet, I super love stationary! And not really a gadget person :D I guess that is also why I'm drawn to Filofax? Like most stationary lovers would right? Haha!
OK, that's all the photos I have taken for now, there's definitely a part 2 for this! So stay tuned ok!

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  1. Love the clay things, amazing! And the filo pictures are SO great! Really enjoyed the post


  2. Hi Tracy!

    Thank you! Glad that you really enjoyed this post and my clay!

    Thank you, Love ya!


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