Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miniature Fake Sweets Tutorials Episode 1, Tarts.


It's SugarCherries's 1st fake sweets tutorial! How's that?!
I've always been wanting to do one!
Anyways, this is how it goes.. I wouldn't be really explaining for every single photo but I'd be pointing out tip's that more complicated or not really shown in the pictures itself. :D

So let's cut those crap out and get going!

 This is Fuwa Fuwa clay mixed with Daiso's clay ratio's about 2 : 1 ±
Using Yellow Ocher, Poster colour.

Roll it into a ball and use any tools you could find eg. back of a pen. I basically just used my fingers, its not hard to achieve what it looks like below.

And you should have something like this :D

 Make sure you rotate it 45° and 75°

You could use similar tools like needles or toothpicks to achieve this :)

 And there it is! 
People keep asking me how I make those 'crackly' lines/texture. My answer is, play with those clays! Understand their textures! I should really do a Daiso's clay review soon ya!!??

 Brown them!

Ok, so.. The one on the left is just pure Daiso clay. And the right is the same above :)
See, just how much you could play with!

 So here are some of the ideas I have for tarts bases!

I'd definitely prefer using just pure Daiso's clay for tart base cause it's much easier, all i have to do is just pressing it down and VIOLA! Plus I really like those massive cracks! :)
Of course, that's just my opinion and it really depends what you're really going for :D

And that's a wrap everybody!!
Hope you guys enjoyed and learned something!! ♥♥♥♥

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