Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fake Sweets Diary - My creations


I'm back! :)
Not that I've gone to anywhere thou...

Anyways, I'll be sharing a few of mine past finished miniature / fake sweets creation in this post! Just because I haven't really do/done any for the time being :( I'm so sorry.

But! Other stuffs like sewing and flower arranging will definitely come real soon :) Do look forward on some of my really cute creations!! Cause I'm EXCITED already :D

Here it is! ↓

 Chocolate mania!

 Cute fruity Meringue Tarts :)


 Oh god, mega cuteness Croissants!

 Sweet Macaroons up for grab!

 Choco Teddy biscuits!

That's all i have for now :D
Take care!!


  1. omg ure really good at these!! keep it up!! :D

    1. Kelyn!!! Hahaha hello hello! Thank you!! Hahahaha love ya!!

  2. Oh gosh! The chocolate bears are adorable! Really looks like the choco bear I used to ate. How did you make them o:


Thank you!