Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review - Wood Formo. self-proclaimed, poop clay.

Hi guys!

As promised, Wood Formo clay review is up!

 Ok, as for that title on the self-proclaimed thing is abit... Cute! Hahahaha, ok... you guys will understand.. Just keep scrolling down and watch :D

Chunks of fresh Wood Formo.
Texture wise, its pretty hard to handle cause it sort of cracks or crumble into pieces easily. So that makes it not a really good clay to work on its own. Unless you mix it with another type of clay.
It does have a weird smell like... preserved plums? 

 A more detail picture of Wood Formo.
It has those like, tiny hairy fiber. Interesting.

 So here's a comparison.
  • When unmixed, with other clay, its really hard to get them together. It crumbles easily..
  • When mix, its very good to work with. Of course, that depends very much on the type of clay you mix with, you definitely want to mix it with something soft like Fuwa Fuwa or Hearty clay.
    - It can be molded into any shape you want. But it doesn't holds detail very well.
    - Ratio also depends very much on what texture you want it to be. Add more if you want something more manageable then it will also go lighter in terms of colour. Effect would be opposite if you add lesser, of course. 

 It dries to about 2 ~ 3 shades lighter
So you do wanna add some colour if you want it dark & knead really well.
When cured, its very very hard when pressed, but it's also so stiff that it cracks very easily... Just like biscuit..

LOL! This is what i'm talking about! HAHAHAHA!
This isn't really the best poop I've made tho.. But it really does look like my dog's poop.
I did a prank on my brother and he was so pissed! HAHAHA! And says I'm sucha lamer...
Seriously.. Who cares!! HAHAHAHAHA!

 Ahem.. Back to work.
Some of the ways is definitely biscuit bases for my cheese cakes!

This 1st batch of cheese cake doesn't go so well cause the base was definitely too thick for my liking :( Ohhh well...

And that is all for this post! 
Hmmm.. next post would be..?? Some of my finished pieces!!
So stay very tuned!

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