Sunday, August 7, 2011


Heya peepos!

It has been awhile since the last post! I've been working on lots of fruits lately, and they are really tedious to do... Also some of my about-to-finish products! Can't wait to finish'em all but I'm so slow on my work! hehhhh :D

Without further ado I shall let the pictures & of course a lil' of me to do the talking!

Work in Progress! *from left: Blueberry, Black raspberry (doesn't look like one aye?) & preserved cherries!

In the mist of doing red raspberry!

Preserved cherries when cured! I used sukerukun clay btw :DD

Black raspberry! Drying in progress~

Red raspberry!

Finished! Blueberry!

Strawberry! Sooo Adorable! *sinks down

Black Raspberry :D Nice and glossy~

Red Raspberry!

Whipping cream!
I actually mixed until the stick breaks! Can imagine how hard is it to mix all those clay into the right consistency, you'll need lots of strength and patience! *out-of-breath

Pastel sugar coated candy!

Sugar coated candy!
This version is much much nicer! CUTE! *floats away

Undecorated half sliced Strawberry shortcake!

Undecorated sliced Strawberry shortcake!

My revamped Bulletin Board!
Awesome or what! Its so cute i tell you. And I'm not done yet!

Yes, I've added this... i don't know called what but its for putting my erasers and stuffs :D

Glued and nail them in. I get rough sometimes..
And i always double secure things! :D

That is all I have for this post!! I've got alot alot more done! But haven't uploaded them into my comp yet :D

Until next time!


  1. Hello! Found your blog by some google search for a type of clay and ended up coming here. Your blackberries are very well-done, I like how you used those little bead-y things on it. Good luck with the rest of your clay endeavours ^^.

  2. Thanks Sarien! Your comment means alot to me! :) Same to you! Good luck and take care!


Thank you!