Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fake sweets:Macarons Addiction! & The Edibles

Hello Everybody!!

This is my 1st, errr... 2nd time! Doing 1:12 scaled miniature fake sweets :) 1st was the Christmas log cake :)  I don't really do 1:12 scales miniature fake sweets just cause I'm not really a huuge dollhouse miniature fan or something.. I still do love miniatures pretty much but I just prefer turning my fake sweets creations to something more useful like part and parcel of a certain things, key chains, accessories etc...

And this time: Macarons!

I must say it is quite addicting doing them! 
Cause everything is just sooooo adorable! Thou I must say I'm not quite used to it yet :)

Here's the comparison!!! adorable~

Here's something different!! The Edibles

 Panna cotta!! 
Its a very creamy and thick vanilla pudding? (Hahaha! I'm not really sure but i think that is what it is) That is supposed to melt in your mouth, well, that's what my brother said. (a little bit of him, he studies pastry and baking) And best serve chilled & that is what I said :) Cause I think it melts. Not like ice, duhh, but it gets really really.... soft? Like lesser of its shape. I think. Hahahaha!

 I know it's abit unusual to use Orange as toppings cause i find it kinda too sweet to eat it alone and oranges is the only fruit I can find more suitable (then apples, longans or pears) in my fridge. But it tastes AWESOME with Orange!! It is less sweet and refreshing! :)

And that is all for today!
Hope you enjoyed!

Cherilyn ♥


  1. So cute! The small macaroons look irresistible.... If only my hand could reach there :9

    1. Awwww! Thanks Honey-chan!! Glad that you loved them! Love ya!


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