Friday, April 27, 2012

New Gadgets!!

Hello hello!

Yes.. The title speaks for itself. Duhhh!! Haha :D

Anyways, I've got 2 new gadgets!!! Of which 1 of them is what I've wanted for a very very very verrrrrryyyyyyy long time and finally got my hands onto it. And the another one is a 'surprise' .... Not really, sort of??

 Here goes... The one I've always wanted! Waited SOOOOOO long until my neck is as long as a Giraffe's....

And That is.....

 TADAAA! A Canon DSLR! :DDD It's Canon 600D. I didn't really pay much attention to what kind of model I really want.. Just a DSLR would really do since I'm a EXTREME Beginner. So it's kinda risky to invest a whole lot into it. My 1st choice was actually the 550D but! 600D came out not-so recently and it has got that rotating LCD screen or something so.. I told myself... "I'M GONNA GET THAT!" Because I thought 600D is the only one with the rotating LCD screen, so no future comparison was done. Then....(when I've already bought the camera, 600D) One day, I saw somewhere that 60D was a better version of 600D and it ALSO have got that rotating screen thing...... SO, Moral of the story is... Don't get so excited, check thoroughly before you do something stupid.
And I was like.... LALALALALALA I'm still SO VERY HAPPY with my camera :) HAA!
And yes, that girl you see in the photo is ME! Cause I don't know how to take a photo of my camera myself aside from posing in front of a mirror. Lol.

For the 2nd sort of surprise is....

My SAMSUNG GALAXY Note something something... 
I said it was a surprise is because.... My previous phone, which is my Iphone 3GS gave me a SURPRISE of spoiling all so suddenly and its totally NOT functioning I don't know why. So luckily I've got my previous previous phone which is also Samsung, still functioning :) And that at least i could still go out, with a functionable phone..

 Yup so this is the end of my Gadgets Story. Not really a big fan of gadgets or electronic stuffs but i must admit/say that I still couldn't live without them. :)

Here's 2 of my favorite random shots taken by my new 600D!!

And that is all! Hope you guys enjoyed!


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