Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Initial - Welcome, peeps :)

Hello peeps!!

The very first post, hmmmmmm......
Lets start with a very brief intro bout me!
Sayy....... I have lots and lots of hobbies, like, cooking, baking, crafts, photography, etc etc... Guess i have too many of em' till I'm not really good at any of them, but i still love them! So, that's why, after much consideration was put into it I've finally decided to incorporate them into one entire blog instead of separate blogs for each individual. Oh well, that really isn't very important anymore since decision is made. :D

Anyways.... Moving on to me, aside from all the hobbies I've got myself into.. I'm actually, currently still a student, pursing my master's in accounting (longgg longg wayy...) Aside from that I'm also working a part-time at my mum's florist shop. So I'm technically a florist, too. And yes, I AM certified (was prolly a year ago) Currently also taking up management courses in florist industry. So that's for my educational background...

To make things short, lets compile the rest to general. So, generally, this blog would be a place where i share my hobbies, mainly, miniature sweets clay craft, flower arranging, fashion, baking & cooking, some time maybe?? It's kind of like anything and everything that I enjoy doing.

So to everyone of you who might have the same pretty and cutesy interest as me(or not!). I sincerely hope that you've enjoyed reading my blog!

And to end this very first post , here's a few pictures of my works :D

Thank you!

Cherilyn ♥

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